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on the current economy
Years back I always wonder what if, what if just one fine day, people just stop going out from doing their daily activity and just decided to stay home. Most of all no cash transaction occurs during that day. As I discovered, there are such movement outhere.

But, the question are... What will happen next to the rest of the world?.
Guess we don't need to imagine it now. As the world economy began tumbling like domino, it does feels like everything is resetting. But is it really the dawn of global economic recession like how its being portrayed over and over again on the news?.

I have no ultimate answer for it at the moment. And before yu began to say that I've been endorsing Thomas Friedman, I'm not. It just that he is my only major source at the moment who able to sense out and cover all aspect of global politics, economy, social and energy simultaneously.

OK, now I'm going to mention what Friedman says about the economic recession. One of the solution he said, is by going out and shop!. Lots of products and service outhere, but no one is buying. Buying stops, company not making profits which effecting the workers who might be retrenched. Workers then can't pay debt, which drained the Bank profits and stopping them on lending, then new business can't be created, no sale's on cars and house and on and on like a domino. Sounds like something that I've heard from Project Mayhem in 'Fight Club'.


on design
Now that I got my ramblings out of the way, let's move on to our main discussion today: design. What happen when yu push a reset button on your believe, theory, approach and understanding towards design? One thing for sure the world wouldn't end if yu did push the button and instead it shall open up and generate positive outcome.

"Burn your idols once in a while, and start all over again. Art is not a process of feeling little wings grow in your back and grow and grow until they become angel wings and carry you smiling to a heaven fragrant with sweet violin sounds and harps: When your wings start to lift you above ground, some good devil will know enough to clip them short and you will fall and get hurt.

Only through this succession of flights and falls will you experience art and grow in stature as an artist"
(Paul Jacques Grillo).

... If I'm willing to let go now, then what?

Here, I wish to quote Mr. Bruce Mau's profounding tips in his 'Incomplete Manifesto of Growth':

" Allow event to change you" , "Forget about good" and of course... "Process is more important than outcome"..

Once we are willing to go through these process and letting 'it' go, we are on the right path to learn with an open mind. I've gone through these phases and realized that, I'm actually still at the same spot but with a new perspectives and a fresh state of mind towards design and life.

I wish to end this for now with the words from Oswald Mathies Ungers taken from the book, Le Style, C'est l'Home, "It's one of those things a person have to do,sometimes a persons has to go a very long distance out of his way to come back a short distance correctly"..

So, go ahead..push that button to embarked on the journey to your design reincarnation.


Reading Hot, Flat and Crowded by Thomas Friedman

Reading this book makes Al-Gore's documentary, 'the inconvenient truth' like a teaser trailer of this crisis, Gore's alarmed the problem of climate change caused by us and Friedman dive in and elaborate the nuts and bolts each of this problems and it's solutions.

Why now its no longer an options for us to not responding in solving the climate change. According to Friedman, "If we don't, mother's nature will".

The main theme are regarding solutions through alternative energies and how it will be able to generate a positive continuos domino effect not just to the economy, the environment, a new level of hiatus in research, innovation and development for a cleaner energy productions and consumptions and other factors such as globalization, petro-dictatorships, the disconnected and the war (which we can relate back in his previous books).

I admit, I'm facing difficulties digesting and trying to understand several parts of the early chapters. But hey, Friedman's clarify that (in one of the book chapters) "If it isn't boring, it isn't green!". It takes awhile to fully grasp his idea and intentions. Half of this book is Friedman's explanations regarding the problems of what he meant about our world that is getting hot, flat and crowded. He took the time to explain and breaking down what is causing the problem's and it's impact beyond any Friedman's works that what we have read before.

After reading through to all this chapters I began to see why its so imperative for everyone to take notice at what is going on with our climate, our world and how it will effect not our future generation but all of us in this generation.

The ending of this book seems unfinished, it felt like its just an introduction .. the ending is depending on all of us in which step we take. I have a feeling that this book will be re-released in several updated version, followed through by the current developments of all interrelated aspects: politics, policies, economy, design and technology innovations and society.

Mother nature is still waiting for our response. And she's getting impatience.




Dokumentasi pencarian bunyi eksperimentasi elektrik yang berkomposisi

Ini adalah percubaan untuk memuaturun apa yang terhajat dihati semenjak berberapa ketika yang lalu. Berbelas tahun saya didalam pencarian sesuatu yang mungkin dianggap sebagai amat asing khasnya didalam konteks tempatan.
" - sejajar dengan tahun ‘siber’ 2000, kerana semenjak kecil lagi, saya sememangnya tidak sabar untuk sampai pada tahun itu." 

Penulisan didalam format laman jaringan dokumen (bLog) ini adalah hasil daripada pencarian yang baru bermula daripada berberapa inspirasi dan aspirasi semenjak tahun 1996. 

Saya bukannya seorang penyusun bunyian dan bukannya seorang penjual apa-apa komoditi, sebaliknya ini adalah lebih kepada minat terhadap sesuatu yang baru. Terutamanya bagi bunyian yang sejajar dengan tahun ‘siber’ 2000, kerana semenjak kecil lagi, saya sememangnya tidak sabar untuk sampai pada tahun itu. 

Kenapa?, Kerana saya dimanipulasi untuk mempercayai bahawasanya, pada masa itulah kenderaan-kendaraan akan terbang bersimpang siur di ruang angkasa diantara pencakar-pencakar langit besi dan aluminium, robot juga akan berjalan seiringan dengan manusia dan juga fesyen-fesyen yang diperagakan akan menggunakan pelbagai fabrik yang berkilauan. 

Saya bertanyakan kepada diri sendiri, “Hey, apakah agaknya bunyian ‘muzik’ pada ketika itu?. Kini, pada tahun 2006, dan saya rasa (kah kah kah) saya tidak perlu *ehmmm, menulis apakah yang sedang berlangsungnya sekarang..Khasnya bunyian daripada corong-corong radio tempatan hari ini. Penulisan ini juga tidak berkaitan dengan apakah bunyi-bunyi elektrik lain yang dianggap sebagai terkini dan dijadikan sebagai bahan tarian. 
Jangan tersalah anggap, saya membesar berlatarkan bunyian hiruk bisingan ‘Grunge -Seattle’ yang tiba-tiba terhenti dan hilang apabila idola saya telah mengambil keputusan untuk ‘bersara’ dengan meletupkan hidupnya dengan senjata. Didalam mencari jawapan kepada persoalan, 

“Hey, apakah selanjutntya selepas ini?”, ‘asas’ saya masih lagi selesa didalam bunyian elektrik yang agaknya masih boleh diterjuni daripada pentas persembahan dan yang mampu menggerakan kepala saya mengikuti tempo hentakan ‘gendang’.

“Hey, bagaimana pula dengan konteks tempatan. Wujudkah bunyi-bunyian ini?”. 

Persoalan saya terjawab diluar konteks tempatan, dimana pelbagai label dan artis yang menghasilkan pelbagai bunyi-bunyian baru berelektirk samada yang berkomposisi dan juga tidak berkomposisi. Pencarian saya tidak semestinya perlu memfokuskan skop luaran daripada konteks saya kerana ternyata ianya telah didokumenkan oleh ‘orang luar’. 

Dengan berpandukan, “Hey, bagaimana pula dengan konteks tempatan. Wujudkah bunyi-bunyian ini?”. Perjalanan dokumentasi ini akan dimulakan.
‘Itu sahaja’ dan semestinya ‘bukan itu sahaja’ , yaa?.
Selamat mendengar,

*I wrote this years ago as an introduction for a Music Blog which never really took off for tons of reasons. I feel compel to restarting it all over again, which somehow have find its way into the Asasku blog (which are all design related).


lucky number 30

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Ada apa dgn August?

Salams and greetings.
Thousand apologies for the long silence. Its been awhile since my last posting. I've just recently started working and lecturing for the whole week. Only now I have the freetime to utilize a new layout idea for this blog. A layout that as similar to my 'analog' journal. Hope yu like it.

Ahh... tons of ideas.. tons of article/ topics to write and discuss..tons of things to create.. and so little time.
Until then, stay tune.

Salam Ramadhan.


Participating 'Art on Display'

big shout out to: Syed Syahrul Zarizi B Syed Abdullah,
Founder of
Sireh Dan Cengkeh Terpilih


Compilations of Design Tips

 How to composed design presentation.

_ Updated.
Basic guide and step by step explanations of design composition technique for visual presentation.

- article

How to generate design concepts and ideas.

4 examples in how to generate concepts, approach and ideation for design.

- slides
- summary

5 types of architecture design process.

What is a design process? How many are there? and what does it all have in common?.

- slides
- summary

Compilation of Students Works

A compilation of students projects in my previous design studio as a co-lectures and external panel.
An Exploration in Materiality, 
Studio 1, SABD, Taylor University College

Project 1 - KlPac Installations
Project 2 
- Project Brief

prototype model
prototype model 2

Prototype model
Prototype model


Students Portfolio/ External Panel Visits

ARCO Students 
Portfolio Exhibition


Life is a journey, a constant opportunity for experience. I've tried to compile it as much as I can in a travelogue.
a trip to the sushi shop
Me, Cendol & 2 Veterans
East - South Coast

Revisiting Pasir Puteh


Made In Asasku

Bookmark Series


Promo poster
B & B



I've found the ultimate solution to our energy crisis!

OK. actually, I don't.
But I really wish that I do.

At this point, the price of petrol are gripping and chocking all her loyal customers. Without even saying thank yu, she's seems hungry for more.

From what I see, everyone (including me) are feeling the pinch. But the pinch is also a blessing in disguise. It ends all the endless hypothetical debates regarding the need for a sustainable automobiles powered by alternative energies. Its shuts the skeptics, the markets, the manufacturers and the decision makers because now it hits what everyone could easily relate to: our pockets!

Forget about waiting for a resolution or a solution from the politicians. Other than busy blaming and pointing fingers, none of them seems to be offering a long term sustainable solutions to this problems other than planning to drill more oil and powerlessly letting to be ruled out over by the market price.

Let's stop kidding ourself that Oil will always be there for us, forever.
(even if it did, in the future we all might be paying $300-400 per liter!)

The solution will came from bottom to the top.

This is the time where the consumers come to realized that they are actually in charge of the markets and not the other way around. The high oil prices creates a vacuum towards the demands of gas guzzling vehicles. The manufacturer will either adapt or be perished (since they solely existed based on demands) to produce alternative energy vehicles. Heck, even politics will soon follow.

Adapting into alternative energy is no longer a choice, its a must.

And lastly, what about Architecture Industries?
After a brief chit-chat with few architects friends of mine in practice. Even with the increasing oil price, there are still demands for buildings (people still need buildings) except now, all the funding for the projects is to be cut to half.

dokumentasi: pertalian

"Physically, every relationships have its beginning and an ending.
If it could be imagined in a physically form, the complexity of every relationships is like a twirling cords. Apply straightening when required."


On the other side, this is An outline exercise by documenting everyday objects.
The challenge?

1. There is no 'Undo' button in this exercise.
2. Try to capture as much details as I can.
3. Personalized the subject. This can be done through the lines forming the objects. For example, I'm comfortable with 'funny wiggly lines' because its making drawing straight lines much more easier and personalizing the drawn subject at the same time.

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