Foam #1

I was looking for a term to re-introducing the continuation of the previous posting of my students works and their experiments of creating modular using basic materials. In this case the keyword of the material are Foam.

Mind you that there seems to be a slight difference in between foam, a silicone foam and sponge foam.

An example of a work using sponge foam.
For this work, the intertwining in between two sponge creates a cell which eventually can be expended into a larger bodies of cell. This idea later on will be continued into a larger 1:1 scale (with several alteration & improvisation).



A continuation of selected students works from the LeModular exercise (learning from modular).




The final selected student work under the wood category.

OK, here is a question regarding this work. How do we rate such an idea if it doesn't clearly 'show' a cell? and it doesn't abide to the requirement rule of - no usage of glues in any part of the model?

The student clearly understood the brief and challenged it. The cell are made of standard pieces of thin shredded balsa wood, joined together using water and molded onto the bottom of a bowl.

Now that's challenging 'the project brief'. As a tutor, we always get excited whenever we encounter such works. More work from other material group in the coming post.

stay tune.



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