The Bookmark Series

No worries, we'll help you to remember!

Bookmark, awaits You 
Attentively from your previous reading until they were pick up back again.

*Pick Me!
Bookmark to assist You, 
In marking vital paragraphs and chapters for future references.
Poster Are Available in A1 & A3 Format
A circle of Bookmarks 
Each marked points states a point of life  collective of understanding*, 
a state of mind.
'Bookmark Series' in Tshirt Format. Suitable for those who are on the go.

Bookmark wishes You,
"May it assist You in your journey, through out the darkness", in your life adventures and future endeavors. 

* Result may varies


Asasku 'Bookmark Series' T-shirt are on sale now for RM30.  
***Available in size M and L while stocks are last. 


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