Foam #2

This is a final posting for student models works series in 'Learning from Modular.' We have covered materials such as polymer and wood. What I didn't preview are two more group work of materials using rubber and steels. Both will be featured in a larger 1:1 scale in the future posting.


Foam #1

I was looking for a term to re-introducing the continuation of the previous posting of my students works and their experiments of creating modular using basic materials. In this case the keyword of the material are Foam.

Mind you that there seems to be a slight difference in between foam, a silicone foam and sponge foam.

An example of a work using sponge foam.
For this work, the intertwining in between two sponge creates a cell which eventually can be expended into a larger bodies of cell. This idea later on will be continued into a larger 1:1 scale (with several alteration & improvisation).



A continuation of selected students works from the LeModular exercise (learning from modular).




The final selected student work under the wood category.

OK, here is a question regarding this work. How do we rate such an idea if it doesn't clearly 'show' a cell? and it doesn't abide to the requirement rule of - no usage of glues in any part of the model?

The student clearly understood the brief and challenged it. The cell are made of standard pieces of thin shredded balsa wood, joined together using water and molded onto the bottom of a bowl.

Now that's challenging 'the project brief'. As a tutor, we always get excited whenever we encounter such works. More work from other material group in the coming post.

stay tune.





The festive season of Syawal have finally soothe in, everything is back to normal. I finally have a chance to sit down and sort through a studio project that we have initiated for the past several month. I'll be posting more on the selected work by the students in a couple of days.

The approach for this project is utilizing several basic group materials ranging from wood, steel, plastic, foam and rubber. Students are challenged to explore a selected material and generates a variation of components of a building block (a cell). This cell must also be able to be interlocked with another similar cell to formed an organ.

The goal from this exercise is to create a 1:1 scale of a portable shelter that will be constructed by the students using the similar material based on the selected model.



To Major Tom

The last picture of Tom, the fearless explorer.


We hope our transmission of this message would somehow able to reach you in the void of the intergalactic space. Its' have been 6 month now (earth time) ever since we last received your final transmission. All of us from ground control wishes for your safe comeback. I, personally believed that you are always well in your journeys and I believed that you just want to keep on going, exploring.

Ever since the early days of your presents in the academy, your performance reflected the hunger for explorations and discovery. The unknown and the possibilities of failure never seems not to frighten you. It's as if it's was not even there. What impressed me the most is that you enjoyed every steps of the training. Your wittiness, high spirited and energy, you make it's seems like child's play (or kitten, no pun intended)
whenever you stepped into that shuttle. Most cadet's would be peeing in their pants (or err the kitty litter box, no pun intended) by now but not you. I'm sure you just wanted to be launched into space if we give you the green light.

Major, we wanted you to know in how much you inspired us back here on earth. That through the enjoyment in whatever we are doing would be a key to success. You stressed out the importance in finding what we love and never to be overwhelmed by fear of the unknown to ever stopped us in our path.

Do you remember when you injured your right paw during the training? All of us were surprised that despite the setback, it somehow seems didn't stopped you from making your presence felt in the training facilities on the next day each day (even though we have to called the security and put you under kitty house arrest until you fully healed).

Your preparation and the understanding for risk and failure as apart of each mission discovery, have changed
how we trained new cadet's back in the academy. We never have the chance to thank you for all that you done for earth, the academy and personally, me.

We wishes you well Major, wherever you are.

This is ground control, signing off.


Information, Knowledge and A Colosseum

Information, may be no more than a collection of data or facts (information about vacation resorts) gathered through observation, reading, hearsay with no guarantee of their validity.

Knowledge, facts, information and skills acquired by a person through experience or education: The theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

Knowledge, applies to any body of facts gathered by study, observation or experience and to the ideas inferred from these facts.

Knowledge, in the form of representation about something, only exist in interpretive comments, on going claims about nature of the world, which themselves are only classified and interpreted as having semantic import by an observer.

The term Knowledge, is also used to mean the confident understanding of a subject, potentially with the ability to used it for a specific purpose.

*All quote's source: www.wikipedia.org


This comparison really comes in handy in determining what is relevance whenever I felt overwhelmed by 'too much information'.


Colosseum, your knowledge inspired me in organizing my working tools by utilizing the tools itself. T
hank yu .



Officially, entering life phase Ver3.0




I accidentally locked myself out



"Let's Rock The Boat!"
10 : 90




TEDx Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I've been a fan of TED conference for years which I constantly tune in via the Itunes podcast. And I'm thrilled that it's now finally here, TEDx of Kuala Lumpur.

Without the documentation of the first TEDx of Kuala Lumpur, we might have lost the insights of a brilliant Malaysian director forever.

I'm glad that she agreed to do the talk.

I'm looking forward for the upcoming TEDx Kuala Lumpur.


Revisiting Pasir Puteh #2

Pasir Puteh is a small town located on the lowest region of the Kelantan state. Two reason why it is significant to me, it is the town where my father was born and grew up. And today (January, last year) is where I revisits that town that I do not know much about. My family nomadically lived in most of several states, Kelantan is where we come back only during festive season and special occasions.

As I passed through the streets of Pasir Puteh, trying to re-imagine how my father used to walk on the same street as I am, I wonder how it was like during his heydays. Life must be really simple back then, they make used on whatever they have and make the best out of it. My father always says to me, it is not the same town as he remember it. He declined to elaborate regarding it whenever I asked about his statement.

It was hot walking through this streets, I'm looking for anywhere that I could get away from the heat, get a drink and perhaps doing some sketching. Most of the shops are closed, activities only occurs on the surrounding area of the taxi stands, bus station and the market. Its becoming a transit town, just for passing through if yu are heading to the capital of Kelantan, Kota Bahru.

I decided to head to, I think the one and only fastfood restaurant in that town. Its not that I like the food, its because it is air-conditioned. I sat down, get a drink, began sketching and occasionally imagining about my father and his town. In front of the shop is the main street for traffics from the other state, heading into the town.

It could be celebrated with a gateway not just into the town but the state of Kelantan. It could be. But it could not used the same activites and development like any other town. It have to suit the current condition of the town where mostly occupied by retires, goverment workers and farmers. The whole town could be the gateway, a town where yu go to retired, slow down the life phase and relax.

As I was wondering of what design could do to revitalized back this town, I've overheard a conversation from a table across the aisle behind me. It was a conversation that I'm familiar with, like a conversation that I used to have when I'm with my grandmother or a very old school uncle.

A young girl is enjoying her fried chicken while being observed by her grandfather . In a local dialect of Kelantanese he says ,

It means something like this, "like A Caucasian having his meal huh?". It just makes me smiles hearing of its familiarity.




A Lost



Yasmin Ahmad
July 1, 1958 - July 25, 2009


))) Apollo 40th & Tenderfist (((

Mencari Bunyian Elektrik segment this month features: Tenderfist (that have been repeatably playing on my earwax list) and also, this month marks the 4oth anniversary of Apollo 11, the race of man to the moon.

Right, diving into the content.

The Apollo 11 Anniversary.

One small step for mankind. *Source: wired.com

This month, marks the 4oth anniversary of the Apollo 11 expedition to the moon,
a triumph of human achievement in terms of technology and development. So, in the spirit of the celebration, 'mencari bunyian elektrik' segment is previewing something outside our local context, in this case the world and looking upwards beyond our hazy sky of the journey in space exploration to the moon. Below is the link of the audio samples from the in-flight communication throughout their entire journey.

Audio of Apollo 11 Database. *Source: Nasa.org

I personally feels that it the most important 'static sounds' in humankind history.


Coming back down to earth,
with the upbeat soothing minimalistic sounds of Tenderfist.

This month I'm taking a break from the glitch and stomping beats to something minimal while undergoing the hazy weather. Not to be confused by the acoustical approach of Tenderfist with any other 'acoustical' act, outhere. My personal take on the minimalistic approach of Tenderfist allow me to focused on each 'upbeats' alongside the vocal and the acoustic guitar.

It's something great to be listening too, especially while cruising through the congested streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Downloable tracks of Tenderfist. *Source: petualang.net/ tenderfist

They will be performing in Annexe, Central Market, August 09.
For more info, tune in to their:




Optimism, Pessimism & Cynicism

DATUM09, Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

By the time I'm writing this post, DATUM:KL09 have concluded its 2 days talks. It was an inspiring session, a breath of fresh air of where we & architecture could/ should and will be heading next, and deeply taking a consideration of the current world problems and crisis in every (most) design aspects.

But my post today it's not about Datum, but the mindset in facing theses 'challenges' while heading towards the next step. There seems to be three major feelings of these challenges after that day and its all kind of mixed up.


Playing God

_ During an Urban Studio Open Crit

"We visit this town & we found out that there a lot of abandon buildings. However, there is a lot of activities in term of market. Therefore, we proposed that we demolished the whole town to create spaces for the market."


A year of Documenting

... and for more to come.

Asasku Blog layout (formerly known as 'Mencari Bunyian Elektrik'), a year ago.

To those who are tuning in, thanks for reading.. wherever yu are.

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