To Major Tom

The last picture of Tom, the fearless explorer.


We hope our transmission of this message would somehow able to reach you in the void of the intergalactic space. Its' have been 6 month now (earth time) ever since we last received your final transmission. All of us from ground control wishes for your safe comeback. I, personally believed that you are always well in your journeys and I believed that you just want to keep on going, exploring.

Ever since the early days of your presents in the academy, your performance reflected the hunger for explorations and discovery. The unknown and the possibilities of failure never seems not to frighten you. It's as if it's was not even there. What impressed me the most is that you enjoyed every steps of the training. Your wittiness, high spirited and energy, you make it's seems like child's play (or kitten, no pun intended)
whenever you stepped into that shuttle. Most cadet's would be peeing in their pants (or err the kitty litter box, no pun intended) by now but not you. I'm sure you just wanted to be launched into space if we give you the green light.

Major, we wanted you to know in how much you inspired us back here on earth. That through the enjoyment in whatever we are doing would be a key to success. You stressed out the importance in finding what we love and never to be overwhelmed by fear of the unknown to ever stopped us in our path.

Do you remember when you injured your right paw during the training? All of us were surprised that despite the setback, it somehow seems didn't stopped you from making your presence felt in the training facilities on the next day each day (even though we have to called the security and put you under kitty house arrest until you fully healed).

Your preparation and the understanding for risk and failure as apart of each mission discovery, have changed
how we trained new cadet's back in the academy. We never have the chance to thank you for all that you done for earth, the academy and personally, me.

We wishes you well Major, wherever you are.

This is ground control, signing off.

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