How to Composed Design For Presentation

*Recommend that you play any soundtracks from Tarantino movie while reading this article.

Sharing with you several tips in composing design presentation using combinations of Grids, Distance, Scale, Storyboard & Minimalistic approach.


))) Flashback to the 80's (((

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Syko G (electronica)
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7 things that I never knew about the area of Jonker Walk, Malacca

I've visited Jonker Walk with my fellow colleagues and students in searched for potential sites for their upcoming design studio project. The surrounding area of Jonker Streets have been gazetted as one of the UNESCO's World Heritage Historical sites. We've ventured the entire area and this is what I personally discovered of things that I never knew or noticed (despite after several visits of my own), which I have categorized under 7 keywords to express these foundings.



Dear Steve Jobs,

Steve Jobs


write. draw. write. draw.

Consistency Ensure Success™

A poster, inspired by an article by Brian Clark, 'how to become a better writer'.


Art, Product or Both?

An installation by an unknown artist.

I guess this more of a quick post - more of an observation of installation that I've encountered located within a concourse space while rushing to an event.



Urbanized Film is out, It's here


Organizing Chaos

A typology of a design lecturer cubicle

A general visual breakdown of what goes inside a standard cubicle workspace* of an architecture design lecturer.


To All My Readers,

Salam Eid_ul-Fitr,
سلام عيد الفطر


mencari )))Bunyian((( Elektrik Podcast - Ep.4

The research of mencari ))Bunyian(( elektrik continues featuring tracks from :

Sta'Painter (ambient, experimental)
Syko G (electronica)

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Tips: 4 Approach To Architecture Design

4 method for design conceptualization

The common problem right after every project brief back in my studying days are where should I begin? or at times after the design was created - how could I explain it? What are the basis for this design?. Over the years, I've discovered several approaches to design. Here are the breakdown summary in each of these approaches *(You could view it in a slide format available here).


Landscaping the/by Diversity

*Concurrent ongoing stage

How to Generate Architectural Concepts & Design Ideas

You can read an article about the breakdown of this tip here.

*Originally the slides was called 'Let's stop using the word Concept', however for this slides - I'm reserving my opinions towards 'the concept approach' for a broader general view towards the design approach.

** The first version of the slides was presented in Studio 2, Uitm, Shah Alam, 2008.   
Be sure to check out this page for more design tips 


I Am Wall

When pictures speaks a thousand words, walls was denied the same rights


Expressionless beautiful patterns

An interesting discussion over BBC that ended too early, it's only touching the tip of the surface.

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