Mencari )))BunyianElektrik((( Archive

Mencari ))bunyian(( elektrik is a personal attempt in compiling, archiving various live show/ works/ albums/ ep/ singles of Malaysia's finest (and its surrounding region) Electronica musicians, DJ's and composers.
**Podcast Episodes of  
Mencari )))Bunyian((( Elektrik

Recorded over Moonshine event via Laundrybar, The Curve 2009 (!-sounds a bit raw)

Ep.2 - Dj RainF (live)
Recorded over Switch On, KlPac 2009

Featuring a track 'Komputer Muzik' from Fransisca Peter, tracks by Syko G remixs upon 'meniti titian usang by Search' & intermission songs used by TV Pendidikan Malaysia.

Ep.4 - Sta'painter & Syko G
Sta'painter (experimental ambient) - a project band from Hadi (ex-member of LailaLounge) & fresh track from Syko G (electronica)

Ep.5 - Across The Border
Tuning into several artist beyond the borders of Malaysia 
**Will be updated constantly, be sure to tune in. 
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