))) Switch-On (((

It's now on, a monthly 'Bunyian Elektrik' event via KL Pac, organized by one of the frontman in sound exploration Goh Lee Kwang. Despite of its first impromptu show, I believe its a good kick start for more interesting things come, especially an avenue for hidden talent of our local electronic bedroom DJ's and composers.

I'll be tuning in.

So, yu want to be An Architect?

Architects is a mysterious professions. Often its misunderstood and misinterpreted. I first discover it during my studies. As I further continues this path, I began to see that it is more than just building buildings. Its dictates and control the user, it could either inspires them or vice versa.

Check out the step by step explanation about the profession by Doug Patt, a registered architect who has worked in the field since 1993.




at times,

Perfections is an Enemy
(at times)


Davy Braun @ Ghetto Corp (France)

In between 1998 till the late 2002, I've experience my first web 1.0 collaborations through the NNTP (network newsgroup protocol) named neo.dr, the newsgroup eventually dissivolved and migrated into several other server named neo.nuf, oaktree.neo and eventually tdf. Through years of sharing, discussing, posting, so far nothing came close such invested designing spirit despite of today's web 2.0 development in networking apps (perhaps that day will come again). Some of us remain in contact till today and one them is my bestfriend: Davy Braun a.k.a Bebenova, whom I've yet to meet in person (May that day come when I walk on the streets of Paris to hangout with yu).
Note: This interview was also originally held way back in year 2002 for my zine Substanc3. It was also never released till today exclusively in Asasku blog.



(for awhile),



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