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Salam Eid_ul-Fitr,
سلام عيد الفطر


mencari )))Bunyian((( Elektrik Podcast - Ep.4

The research of mencari ))Bunyian(( elektrik continues featuring tracks from :

Sta'Painter (ambient, experimental)
Syko G (electronica)

more info :-
What + why Mencari )) Bunyian (( elektrik? 
Podcast are also available via iTunes


Tips: 4 Approach To Architecture Design

4 method for design conceptualization

The common problem right after every project brief back in my studying days are where should I begin? or at times after the design was created - how could I explain it? What are the basis for this design?. Over the years, I've discovered several approaches to design. Here are the breakdown summary in each of these approaches *(You could view it in a slide format available here).
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