A Note To Young Designer

To you, anonymous hero knighted by the gods and entrusted by them to design the environment of mankind for the years to come, i dedicate this book. In your years of school, you will desperately try to find your "way". And your search will be desperate until some day you discover that a school can only teach you how to learn and how to work by opening your mind not to one way of knowledge, but to the many ways opened by men of vision into the unknown territories of art - since it is true that there is an infinity of different ways to reach art, and that all are good, if they are authentic.


Deform Series

Deform Series

Created during the days of my nomadic years, the intention of this project is to explore and project scapes by utilizing the parametric of 'deform' grids, depth, layering, colors and reduction. Deform series are highly influenced by the random tracks from DJ Krush and Toshinori Kondo music playing in the background during entire creation of these series.

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