The World is Flat 3.0

The World is Flat lecture video by Thomas Friedman in MIT campus 2007.

source: academicearth.org

At first, I've began reading Friedman work not because of the issue relating to the flattening tools of the world wide web, but more at a personal level. Few years back, my girlfriend went to Beirut for a week to work. She says she'll be located far away from any 'middle east' conflicts that we always overheard on the news.

That all changed of course right after watching the news regarding a car bomb exploded a few blocks nearby her hotel.

"What on earth is happening?"


Do yu need a tribe?

Without money and power,..
Can we still make a difference to the world?

Without money and power,..
Can artist/designer get his work outhere to be noticed by people?

Through Tribe's, Seth Godin believe that we can and this is how:


web & database as an assisting tool for design process

I've presented my Master's research a week ago in front of the Viva panels in UTM, Skudai. I'll let the slides* explains to yu what is it all about.

Mental Blocks

Ever have one of those days where yu just stare at the monitor / blank paper for hours and yu just absolutely don't know what, where to start?

To me a word of wisdom do helps at times. Check out this blog dedicated in compiling words of wisdom. A simple idea packed with 'awesomeness'.

Depending in how we interpret these queotes, whether they strokes a value in our mind, sparks that idea engine to get us going again or simply remains as texts. I always try to perceive 'mental blocks' as an opportunity to start someting totally new from zero, getting out of our 'comfort zone' and getting back into the basic structures of design and rebuilt back 'idea' towards the desired design stages.

So, what's your way in overcoming blockness?


Solid Touch!

I'm sure Mr. Kojima (the creator of Metal Gear Series) is pushing the multitouch gameplaying mobilephone ability to its full capacity, similar to what he have done for the PS2,3 and PSP platform.

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