I've found the ultimate solution to our energy crisis!

OK. actually, I don't.
But I really wish that I do.

At this point, the price of petrol are gripping and chocking all her loyal customers. Without even saying thank yu, she's seems hungry for more.

From what I see, everyone (including me) are feeling the pinch. But the pinch is also a blessing in disguise. It ends all the endless hypothetical debates regarding the need for a sustainable automobiles powered by alternative energies. Its shuts the skeptics, the markets, the manufacturers and the decision makers because now it hits what everyone could easily relate to: our pockets!

Forget about waiting for a resolution or a solution from the politicians. Other than busy blaming and pointing fingers, none of them seems to be offering a long term sustainable solutions to this problems other than planning to drill more oil and powerlessly letting to be ruled out over by the market price.

Let's stop kidding ourself that Oil will always be there for us, forever.
(even if it did, in the future we all might be paying $300-400 per liter!)

The solution will came from bottom to the top.

This is the time where the consumers come to realized that they are actually in charge of the markets and not the other way around. The high oil prices creates a vacuum towards the demands of gas guzzling vehicles. The manufacturer will either adapt or be perished (since they solely existed based on demands) to produce alternative energy vehicles. Heck, even politics will soon follow.

Adapting into alternative energy is no longer a choice, its a must.

And lastly, what about Architecture Industries?
After a brief chit-chat with few architects friends of mine in practice. Even with the increasing oil price, there are still demands for buildings (people still need buildings) except now, all the funding for the projects is to be cut to half.

dokumentasi: pertalian

"Physically, every relationships have its beginning and an ending.
If it could be imagined in a physically form, the complexity of every relationships is like a twirling cords. Apply straightening when required."


On the other side, this is An outline exercise by documenting everyday objects.
The challenge?

1. There is no 'Undo' button in this exercise.
2. Try to capture as much details as I can.
3. Personalized the subject. This can be done through the lines forming the objects. For example, I'm comfortable with 'funny wiggly lines' because its making drawing straight lines much more easier and personalizing the drawn subject at the same time.

A tribute to suburbia & a band

"Setiap geometri mempunyai pelbagai kisah/ ruang/ hero dan antihero. Walaupun, dari jauh ianya seolah-olah seperti sebuah gabungan landskap statik - tidak bernyawa/ kontang/ sepi.

Sesuatu yang kita (mereka yang mereka) sentiasa terlupa: Sifat kemanusiaan didalam setiap geometri alam bina."  
- Words by Hadi Of Laila Lounge.

Back in the suburbia of Johor Bahru, I've made a promised to a group of friends that I will design a cover for their long awaited EP. Sadly, during our days together that day never comes. Season goes by and we soon departed into our own ways.

What linked me back to them, are their music & our memories of friendships. Ahh, those days of staying up late discussing about what we are passionate about, scouring through the suburbs for a drink at 3 A.M. and listening to the beautiful sounds from their jamming session at home.

It is in this suburb, I spend most of my entire youth life. I still can’t escape the feeling of lostness and alienation despite over the years staying there. During my stay, I'm counting the days and figuring out ways in getting out from there. Yet, it's always there for me, repeatedly offering me a fresh new start from all my failed attempt.

Dear suburbia,

Yu might thought that its was only yu who revitalized me, but actually it was also by the people who lived in your harsh faceless, standardized, decaying roads, lots & abandoned backlanes.

Sometimes I wonder if yu even knew the diversity of your occupants and what they offers to the world. Sometimes, I wish if yu could ease down the stress that yu imposed upon them. Depleting the 'perfumed odor' from your oxidation pond, sheltering us from the sun rays and heat during the day, so that we don't have to squint our eyes whenever walked pass through your space and roads. Mostly, I wish the traffics in your streets to be less congested and safer *(No more accidents involving undergraduate students being hit by some car in any poorly designed junctions or by a lorry from the nearby factory).

Therefore, ... I dedicated this composition to yu: Taman Universiti, Johor Bahru.

All these years in the back of my mind, I always wanted to capture my experience living in your environment, but I couldn't quit grasp for any point to began with (Even tough there are tons of subjects within your sprawls). It's only after listening to these demo tracks from one of your occupants that it becomes clearer for me to begin. Somehow, it feels like the circle is completed. These sounds captures the mood of your lonely nights and hectic days.

I hope that you like it (while reconsidering my request).

I (heart) February

I'm trying to find an element that we all could relate towards the celebrated event within this month. And what will that be? The Mandarin Orange. I particularly love this month because somehow in someway, the freely distributed mandarin orange will always makes it way to me through someone.

Either its from the faculty office, friends and even students. I hope this traditions continues for years to come. To everyone who are celebrating this festive event:

Happy Chinese New Year!


Don’t Jump..., Flip!

I wish to begin the new year with a .. backflip.

The title Don't jump, Flip! was about my life in 2007 and how it was ... A huge jump, a leap of faith into the unknown. I've quitted my dreaded full time job and move comfort zone into a bohemian lifestyle back in my Uni. It felt like I was reversing back the clock. The same old street, same old path with a new sets of situation.

2007 was a stressful year. Filled with bittersweet moments and a few turning points. Its a year where I began tutoring in the place that I love the most as a part-time. It was also a time of tragedy, where my dad passed away. Taken away from all of us, especially my mother. Despite of our preference differences, I will always greatly miss yu, Papa.

2007 was also a time of awareness in my current situation. Venturing beyond than what I always bounded my self from stepping into due to my ignorance and lack of knowledge of.

I began to read again, thanks to my cousin's 'The YES Man' and his several other recommendations. Books that I've never thought of reading if it wasn't for my weekly commuting from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru bus trip. Re-read and following through again, Alvin's Toffler's futurist theory and unfolding the big buzz behind his writings (it was uphold as the almanac guide of futuristic society where in a way have an effect on design and especially, architecture). Brilliant writings by Thomas Friedman have open up my vision upon the new world, especially in making sense in the web 2.0 era and finding your part in this revolution, or shall we say evolution of technology of communication. A more elaborate version 'future shock' explain in simple terms. And trying to find sensibility as a non-threat peace designs friendly loving muslim in the post 9-11 era.

2007 was also a time where I wanted to be aware upon the situation of the politics in my country. It was only after a smack in face, after watching one of Henry Rollins interview where I began to realized that by remaining silence, its is also as we 'hailing to the thief' to what we disagree upon. I wish for a better change for my country. The yellow march was a powerful act of people's power. It was so moving that it signify HOPE and UNITY. A sign that there are people who care to practice their democratic and humans rights. A great documentary, '10 tahun sebelum Merdeka' supports the idea of practicing your rights on the street is not something new and it was being done by our forefathers during the early days of colonialism and the power of the people are something that are shouldn't be underestimated.

Out of all that, what matter the most was ... VOTE. It is the only way to make a change. Mr. Rollins explained that, if music and art are able to change society and especially politics, then changes should have happen for the better during the years of Bob Marley or Bob Dylans. Yet, what we achieved are, the world have become a dangerous place to be living in. Instead of openness (due to the internet) we've become more isolated from each other, where the only way to make contact is to CRASH onto each other.

2007 was not gloomy year. It was also a year of rejoicing the human achievement in technology innovation. From the Transformer in the movie screen to the interconnectivity of my ipod with podcast's from all over the world downloaded straight through my laptop where I broadcasted this article that yu are reading now from...anywhere. Did I also mention to yu that my only permanent address is my office address? (*perhaps I tell yu more about it in my other postings). To me, visual interactivity reached its hiatus when iPhone was introduced with so many unlimited possibilities that can be manipulated as a tool and a media for designers. Videos, especially documentary are now made available onto the web, the power of RSS give yu the ability to create your own most up to date online newspaper where yu take charge of your own content.

2007 was also a year where I practiced the idea of creation and sharing through communities. Through networking and cross contacts, it is possible for yu to create and organize things on your own. With a friend of my (that I discover during this leap of faith), we've created a group of collective design based community back in Johor Bahru. It was also where I learned to see the dynamics of community where yu have to let it go on its own way. The more yu let go, the more it flourish. Democratic-101, at work and in your face.

2007 was a great year in terms of youth in street arts and music. The empowering web 2.0 have allowed unrestricted creation and collaboration. Simply by uploading and downloading, kids now have the opportunity that I never have during my younger days. Where yu can simply organize things easily and take charge of your own event, skipping the silly rules, red tapes, the middleman and limitation of distribution. If the Balai Seni negara refuse to exhibit your work, organize your own Rantai!. Have a band? upload your tracks in myspace and channel V amp, spread the tunes online and by end of the month (or weeks) yu might be performing in one of the gigs in town. I felt the same pinch with one of my past time love affair - angry monkey. I never thought it received a good response from outside my circle of life and I wish to thanks for those who added, commented and supported 'him' from their MySpace.

Yu don't know how much it meant to me to keep it going.

During this 'leap of faith' onto the unknown in 2007, filled with unrest anxiety, it was one of the most fascinating year in my life. I've meet lot's of pro-founding, interesting unique people that I've couldn't imagine if it wasn't for that 'leap of faith'. I can't predict what 2008 will be, but I wish to experience with a positive attitude and the hunger for opportunities and challenges.

May 2008 be an interesting great year for all of yu out there.
Salam tahun baru and a Happy new year!

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Moving in

Moving in, gathering several of my stuff from several sites.
Here I will stay, adding another channel for broadcasting stuff from the archive of mwerku (m-work-ku) to Yu.
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