I've found the ultimate solution to our energy crisis!

OK. actually, I don't.
But I really wish that I do.

At this point, the price of petrol are gripping and chocking all her loyal customers. Without even saying thank yu, she's seems hungry for more.

From what I see, everyone (including me) are feeling the pinch. But the pinch is also a blessing in disguise. It ends all the endless hypothetical debates regarding the need for a sustainable automobiles powered by alternative energies. Its shuts the skeptics, the markets, the manufacturers and the decision makers because now it hits what everyone could easily relate to: our pockets!

Forget about waiting for a resolution or a solution from the politicians. Other than busy blaming and pointing fingers, none of them seems to be offering a long term sustainable solutions to this problems other than planning to drill more oil and powerlessly letting to be ruled out over by the market price.

Let's stop kidding ourself that Oil will always be there for us, forever.
(even if it did, in the future we all might be paying $300-400 per liter!)

The solution will came from bottom to the top.

This is the time where the consumers come to realized that they are actually in charge of the markets and not the other way around. The high oil prices creates a vacuum towards the demands of gas guzzling vehicles. The manufacturer will either adapt or be perished (since they solely existed based on demands) to produce alternative energy vehicles. Heck, even politics will soon follow.

Adapting into alternative energy is no longer a choice, its a must.

And lastly, what about Architecture Industries?
After a brief chit-chat with few architects friends of mine in practice. Even with the increasing oil price, there are still demands for buildings (people still need buildings) except now, all the funding for the projects is to be cut to half.

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