))) Flashback to the 80's (((

The research of mencari ))Bunyian(( elektrik continues featuring tracks from :
Syko G (electronica)
Hot Butter (electro)

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7 things that I never knew about the area of Jonker Walk, Malacca

I've visited Jonker Walk with my fellow colleagues and students in searched for potential sites for their upcoming design studio project. The surrounding area of Jonker Streets have been gazetted as one of the UNESCO's World Heritage Historical sites. We've ventured the entire area and this is what I personally discovered of things that I never knew or noticed (despite after several visits of my own), which I have categorized under 7 keywords to express these foundings.



Dear Steve Jobs,

Steve Jobs


write. draw. write. draw.

Consistency Ensure Success™

A poster, inspired by an article by Brian Clark, 'how to become a better writer'.
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