Dear Steve Jobs,

Steve Jobs

Dear Steve Jobs, 
I remember when Mac felt so exclusive back in the 90's, for a student it is expensive. Using the first Mac (owned by my seniors computer from his cubicle workstation in the 6th. year studio back in my uni) I've began to experience its simplicity. I remember how people were dissing it as being too isolated due to its software and 'limited' functions. I've highlighted this to him, he just smile and kept on using it no matter how much PC have gone through so many updated windows versions and peripherals.

Years gone by, the iMac G3 comes to the market  (never felt strongly how 'Garamond' would look so awesome for a product), the tagline 'Yummy' next to a computer was so compelling. Yet, I've just stood from a distance, too afraid to take the next step. The skepticism and the thought of being isolated computing haunts me. Will it be just like my current window system, I wonder? The last thing I ever wanted is having to spend another great amount of cash for a system that is not compatible with my printers, scanners and working files. And people still dissing it as all functionless glossy computer fit for those 'creative elite' people.

One day my car was broken in, my suitcase (with my office attire) and my NEC laptop was stolen and by forced, I felt strongly that it is time to shift not just for the iBook, but also to quit from the job that I hate and what other people say in how we should lived our life. I shifted to the unknown. I've began to read again, traveling, research and draw. Surviving with less than what I used to make was a huge gamble. If the new computing system goes down like my previous laptop or needed an upgrade or even the latest virus software protection -  I simply couldn't afford it. 
The iBook delivers, everytime without fail. For the first time, I don't need to be a computer programmer in order to used my tool, I can concentrate fully on my work. While I'm working, the iBook automatically self updated itself for the latest driver and new features.. for free. The podcast & iPod Nano have changed in how I traveled. I'am discovering new musics, aspiring information, profound knowledge and of course, your inspiring keynotes while I'm entirely on the go, in the road of the unknown. 
It's hard to described that feeling, but it made me smile. In this journey of the uncharted path, I have support from something more than just a reliable tool. Perhaps this is why my senior was smiling and sticking with his Mac, you simply couldn't justify it with a simple word, you have to used it to understand. Steve, you have created something more than just a computer, it is the thought, the love and the care behind it in every details and not merely just for a quick profit. 
These are the unspoken words beyond the headlines of any technews.
Even though, I'm still far away from reaching the destination of my dreams,  Steve, you have showed us the possibilities of dreams in the impossibilities and I am forever overwhelmed with gratitude
TQ for All Your Ideas, Design & Inspirations.
Rest In Peace Steve Jobs.
Your Fan,

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