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  1. Hello,
    I discovered your Tumblr yesterday, and I'm really into the things you post and stuff, I just love the shapes and colours!
    I was wondering if you knew any good design magazines. I love design and I wish I could just...design things. I'm a thinker, and I want to have this design ability. Having spent 3 years in high school in an Applied Arts section, it would be a shame to lose it all.
    I'm more into tDR and cutting-edge, yet meaningful and impactful designs.
    Thank you!


    1. Hi Flex,
      Glad to hear that.

      Apologies for the late reply, I was pondering the answer to your question in relating to the directions.

      There use to be a time where Wallpaper Magazine is the magazine that you read if you are into industrial design, architecture, graphic design. But highly catering for the 'high life' aspect of it.. seems superficial at times, but in period of information scarcity (pre-internet) its the best choice you have. (discounting David Carson Ray Gun magazine era that caters the grunge graphic design and music before the internet).

      Now days, its abundance, you don't need to go to a specific magazine, you can zoom in to a specific category that you are attuned to and there will be countless design specific-related blog that you can go through for hours.

      I scour tumblr, because it is an excerpt essence of all the interesting work that I could go through in a short period of time and backtrack to the origin of the source for more info.

      • Direction.
      This is a tricky one. The path could lead to many places but the beauty about Arts and design is that it is holistic. Any fragments of art be it sculpturing, architecture, design, graphic design, architecture are manifestation..coming from designer. However, not all art are purposeful or even purposeless.

      Perhaps to begin, find a niche, a forte that excites you.
      Would it be graphic design? Architecture? Industrial design?
      Whatever it is, it will demand highly part of your life in cultivating the skills, challenge you in many ways and even might frustrate you.

      I see many talents today are crossing over many fields, bridging their skills and thoughts from their experiences. Perhaps this is the future. A future that demands flexibility and constant growth even it means by shattering the things that we love the most: Our specific type of art for example.

      • Applicability and a hot meal on the table
      The journey will not be easy as well. Sometimes creating a meaningful or an impact work are not what the clients main concern, other factors such as cost effective and practicality come into play. It is a craft that needs cultivating over the time where we must find the balance for both of this contradicting factors.

      I knew my answer is vague but I hope I have answer your questions in someway, (its not easy to summarize the entire journey as a useful guide to another person).

      thanks for the question :)




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