Basic Guide To Design Composition

Presentation: With so many things to explain, where do Yu begin?
Its almost reaching the dateline and you are on the final stage in the design process: Presentation. However, with so many items, drawings, pictures, diagrams, text to include within a design presentation. 

How does one begins to organize such 'chaos'?


Down South, Upper East

Larkin Bus Station,  Down South in the states of Johor, Peninsular Malaysia 



 To all my readers outhere (wherever you are).


Urbanized Film

Two years back, I've predicted a follow up to a documentary film by Gary Hustwit called 'Objectified'. Presumably that there will be a third documentary film completing the trilogy of an in-depth study in Modern design, beginning from text, to industrial objects and indefinitely towards a larger scale of modernist objects i.e build forms @ architecture.

I'm glad to hear the latest updates from the documentary filmmaker are concurrently working on an upcoming documentary titled 'Urbanized',  to be released sometime by next year. 

Hustwit brought us a documentary on subjects of modernism, beginning with the story of a font - 'Helvetica' and the story behind modern product design through 'Objectified'.

In 'Urbanized', the film will not just be examining build form but also indepth studies behind city planning, cityscapes and urbanized spaces. Quit a complex subject, due to its massive scale involving a large numbers of decision makers, city departments, planners and architects. And Hustwit plans to investigate not one, but several other major cities throughout the world.

My anticipation towards the film that it will be an in-depth studies not just towards the future of our cities but also covers the chronological history and the decision process behind each urbanism, a unique perspective towards our build forms and build environment by a non-architect.

Keeping my finger cross.
Looking forward for the film.

Watch Helvetica Film online via PBS.org.


Deciphering Music


An attempt in deciphering a song through visuals.


The Bookmark Series

No worries, we'll help you to remember!

Bookmark, awaits You 
Attentively from your previous reading until they were pick up back again.



An Archiweek Exhibition via Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia building, Jalan Tangsi, Kuala Lumpur





Asian Vernacular

Aryani Resort, Terengganu.




An encounter/ visits of more years to come




A self reflection, two decades ago


)))MonoloQue/ RainF(((

We're kicking off the New Year with the official released of the )))BunyianElektrik((( podcast. It's been ages that I've been seeking for a method for it to be spread out for listening to while on the go. We embarked the released of the podcast with two live recorded performances by MonoloQue and DJ RainF, recorded on the final days of year 09.

MonoloQue, Live at Laundry. Dis.09.
An assemble of awesome-ness, MonoloQue at his best, live via Moonshine, Laudry Bar.
The last time I've tune to Butterfingers was (if i was not mistaken) during the hey days of the '1.8mg', 'malayneum' and 'butterworth pushful'. Yes, I'm a fan of the grunge era but what also got me excited to see their shows was the introduction of a new member into the band, equipped with his MC-505 adding new layers and sounds.

... And then, there was silence on that particular path.

Today, perhaps it is safe for me to say that somehow this path is revived. Lead by Loque, MonoloQue is blasting out to a new height while adding more complexity and strengthening the 'Butter' trademarks sound. MonoloQue is concurrently very active with monthly live shows.

Download MonoloQue

DJ RainF, SwitchOn, KLPAC. Dis.09.
A cinematic experience through the sounds of DJ RainF, live via Switch-On, KLPAC.

The tracks begins like an intro to a very cinematic war movie, it then build up towards several moods and concealed climaxes. RainF took us on a journey of stories written in the turntable beats of sounds.

I've got the chance to talk to RainF after his shows. I wish to talk bout his work and hoping for a permission for allowing me to podcast it. He thought I was looking for a soundman that could supply me soundsystem for an event or something. I guess its seldom happen to have a response from an audience to most electronic performer in Malaysia. Inspired by Dj Shadow, RainF aka Mr.Kiat have been producing and performing over the years within the urban fabrics of Klang Valley.

In behalf of Jabatan Kajian Bunyian of Asasku™, I wish to thank RainF for allowing us to podcast his performance.

Download RainF

Mencari )))BunyianElektrik((( Archive

Mencari ))bunyian(( elektrik is a personal attempt in compiling, archiving various live show/ works/ albums/ ep/ singles of Malaysia's finest (and its surrounding region) Electronica musicians, DJ's and composers.
**Podcast Episodes of  
Mencari )))Bunyian((( Elektrik

Recorded over Moonshine event via Laundrybar, The Curve 2009 (!-sounds a bit raw)

Ep.2 - Dj RainF (live)
Recorded over Switch On, KlPac 2009

Featuring a track 'Komputer Muzik' from Fransisca Peter, tracks by Syko G remixs upon 'meniti titian usang by Search' & intermission songs used by TV Pendidikan Malaysia.

Ep.4 - Sta'painter & Syko G
Sta'painter (experimental ambient) - a project band from Hadi (ex-member of LailaLounge) & fresh track from Syko G (electronica)

Ep.5 - Across The Border
Tuning into several artist beyond the borders of Malaysia 
**Will be updated constantly, be sure to tune in. 
Also available via : -

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