Down South, Upper East

Larkin Bus Station,  Down South in the states of Johor, Peninsular Malaysia 

Documented during my life on the road, an experience in the journey in between the furthest of two states in the Peninsular of Malaysia.
Documenting a 'Transit Points'

I used to felt 'voids' in between these two points. Throughout the years, a gradual experience in how landscapes & build forms coincide and simultaneously influences each other by the governing socio-economic and politics have enable me to replete it with better understanding. 

 An Inter-Medium space in between two points

Where, even within the inter-medium spaces its no longer faceless or without identity despite of its standardized manufactured vehicle interior. The vibe and the environment created and generated by its passenger are now reflecting the en-route location. 
Rantau Panjang, the Upper East states of Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia

However, the presence of vast space of 'nothingness' throughout the journey remains visually - undeniable. The continuous journey/ transit generated a gradual reflection of oneself, in 'where am I' within this space. Like an endless jigsaw puzzle that keeps getting better whenever new pieces were added.
A tale of two town, separated by a river

Neighboring the Upper East border, there's another town that can be considered as the most down south town in states of Thailand. The influence of the governing socio-economic and politics disrupted me to experience another sets of cycle - 'Upper East-Down South', I pray for that stability and opportunity to one day come. 

Despite of it all, life remains flourish in between these two transit points, where the everyday people making their ends meets, living their life the best way they can.  

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  1. Nice..Keep up the good work. At least one of us has to die by the sword!



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