))) Apollo 40th & Tenderfist (((

Mencari Bunyian Elektrik segment this month features: Tenderfist (that have been repeatably playing on my earwax list) and also, this month marks the 4oth anniversary of Apollo 11, the race of man to the moon.

Right, diving into the content.

The Apollo 11 Anniversary.

One small step for mankind. *Source: wired.com

This month, marks the 4oth anniversary of the Apollo 11 expedition to the moon,
a triumph of human achievement in terms of technology and development. So, in the spirit of the celebration, 'mencari bunyian elektrik' segment is previewing something outside our local context, in this case the world and looking upwards beyond our hazy sky of the journey in space exploration to the moon. Below is the link of the audio samples from the in-flight communication throughout their entire journey.

Audio of Apollo 11 Database. *Source: Nasa.org

I personally feels that it the most important 'static sounds' in humankind history.


Coming back down to earth,
with the upbeat soothing minimalistic sounds of Tenderfist.

This month I'm taking a break from the glitch and stomping beats to something minimal while undergoing the hazy weather. Not to be confused by the acoustical approach of Tenderfist with any other 'acoustical' act, outhere. My personal take on the minimalistic approach of Tenderfist allow me to focused on each 'upbeats' alongside the vocal and the acoustic guitar.

It's something great to be listening too, especially while cruising through the congested streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Downloable tracks of Tenderfist. *Source: petualang.net/ tenderfist

They will be performing in Annexe, Central Market, August 09.
For more info, tune in to their:



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