A tribute to suburbia & a band

"Setiap geometri mempunyai pelbagai kisah/ ruang/ hero dan antihero. Walaupun, dari jauh ianya seolah-olah seperti sebuah gabungan landskap statik - tidak bernyawa/ kontang/ sepi.

Sesuatu yang kita (mereka yang mereka) sentiasa terlupa: Sifat kemanusiaan didalam setiap geometri alam bina."  
- Words by Hadi Of Laila Lounge.

Back in the suburbia of Johor Bahru, I've made a promised to a group of friends that I will design a cover for their long awaited EP. Sadly, during our days together that day never comes. Season goes by and we soon departed into our own ways.

What linked me back to them, are their music & our memories of friendships. Ahh, those days of staying up late discussing about what we are passionate about, scouring through the suburbs for a drink at 3 A.M. and listening to the beautiful sounds from their jamming session at home.

It is in this suburb, I spend most of my entire youth life. I still can’t escape the feeling of lostness and alienation despite over the years staying there. During my stay, I'm counting the days and figuring out ways in getting out from there. Yet, it's always there for me, repeatedly offering me a fresh new start from all my failed attempt.

Dear suburbia,

Yu might thought that its was only yu who revitalized me, but actually it was also by the people who lived in your harsh faceless, standardized, decaying roads, lots & abandoned backlanes.

Sometimes I wonder if yu even knew the diversity of your occupants and what they offers to the world. Sometimes, I wish if yu could ease down the stress that yu imposed upon them. Depleting the 'perfumed odor' from your oxidation pond, sheltering us from the sun rays and heat during the day, so that we don't have to squint our eyes whenever walked pass through your space and roads. Mostly, I wish the traffics in your streets to be less congested and safer *(No more accidents involving undergraduate students being hit by some car in any poorly designed junctions or by a lorry from the nearby factory).

Therefore, ... I dedicated this composition to yu: Taman Universiti, Johor Bahru.

All these years in the back of my mind, I always wanted to capture my experience living in your environment, but I couldn't quit grasp for any point to began with (Even tough there are tons of subjects within your sprawls). It's only after listening to these demo tracks from one of your occupants that it becomes clearer for me to begin. Somehow, it feels like the circle is completed. These sounds captures the mood of your lonely nights and hectic days.

I hope that you like it (while reconsidering my request).

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