'Kehidupan Warga Bandar yang Seolah-olah Melampau'
July, 2003
Watercolour+ vector
A5 / 400x400 pixel
By Wan Muhammad

A Journey in coming of age, its now the millennium. No flying cars. All we have just new models of choking gas guzzling vehicles which keep adding to the city streets congestion. People of the millennium still in the euphoria mood of celebrating for being apart of something significant.

New venues and clubs to cater such demand began mushrooming over several spots across the Klang Valley, thankfully coffee culture cafe's is also catching on, nite life now have more revenues and options for various incomes of city dwellers. One spot, a used to be quite commercial area have now suddenly changed and emerged as the hype of the town, attracting people from great distances. Perhaps its a welcoming activities at first for the surrounding neighbours. Few ex-best friends urge me to go with them to check out the 'buzzing spots' of such nite life.
Iggy Pop's, Trainspotting soundtrack played daily on my portable Sony Cdr Mp3 Player, it kept on playing even after its turned off. I dedicated this work+song to those experience.

I'm not missing much, never really felt apart of it, other than just buzz's.



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