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In between 1998 till the late 2002, I've experience my first web 1.0 collaborations through the NNTP (network newsgroup protocol) named neo.dr, the newsgroup eventually dissivolved and migrated into several other server named neo.nuf, oaktree.neo and eventually tdf. Through years of sharing, discussing, posting, so far nothing came close such invested designing spirit despite of today's web 2.0 development in networking apps (perhaps that day will come again). Some of us remain in contact till today and one them is my bestfriend: Davy Braun a.k.a Bebenova, whom I've yet to meet in person (May that day come when I walk on the streets of Paris to hangout with yu).
Note: This interview was also originally held way back in year 2002 for my zine Substanc3. It was also never released till today exclusively in Asasku blog.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and Ghetto corp.

My real name is Davy Braun. I'm 17, 18 by the end of may, and I live in Paris, France. I started uni this year but stopped pretty quickly. Because I had to fill my days and to think about my future I worked as a freelance webdesigner/designer for a while, then used the money I spared to register the clothing brand "Ghetto Corporate". In France, you can't own a company before you're 18, or you have to have a legal tutor that will sign all the admnistrative scum and do all the official acts for you all way long. I prefer doing things all by myself. So I'm patiently waiting... The idea of creating a clothing brand had been blooming in my head for a couple of years now. I had never been interested in fashion during childhood. But Once, I went in a small German village for about 2 weeks, with my sister who is a real clothes design freak. It was the most boring weeks of my entire life; we went downtown twice, and we spent all our time and money in clothes shops at the local mall. Back in the village, I felt inspired, and it was the first time I drew clothes and got interested in fashion. Few years laters, I met my current girlfriend, who is some kind of fashion victim, and my passion for clothes never stopped.

What inspires yu to design and create?

People in motion, girls and lights are very inspiring to me, especially for doing Flyers design. I also read a lot of fashion magzaine and I pay a real attention to people around me, to their look, their attitude, their style. I live in a cool town; there's always someone stylish in your car when you take the subway... I use to be a huge anime fan, and you can see that on some of my works. I rarely involve girlfriends into my works, first because I never dated an artist, and you gotta be one to understand another artist's feelings toward his work, then because I don't want to "work" for them; because when they get out of your life, you realize you wasted your time.

Are there any specific type of style for Ghetto Corp?

Streetwear and clubwear. You can wear either in the street, or in parties, and still look cool. I actually rarely change myself etween day and night. I usually have the same type of clothes to wander around all day and party all night long.

How do people respond to Ghetto Corp?

Very well! There was a real excitment around it as soon as people started to hear about the project, even before it was officialy out! That's why I feel confident for the future.

Do Ghetto Corp have any plans in placing their products outside France, maybe in Asia perhaps?
Not yet. But I'm willing to export to Asia. This is partly why I insisted on the origin of the brand: "Paris, France". One of my main goals is to sell my stuff there, and the french origin might be a good way to show our identity. I also always wanted to visit Asia. I'd like to buy a numeric cam and tour around Asia, America, Europe... to make a "designy" picture book.

I see that yu do some music with your friends, do yu have any plans in producing an album/ demo?
LOL... Not really. These are actually funny stuff we made with a friend. He is a pro composer so the result looks ace, but it's not serious. I'd love to work on music and maybe produce something someday, but surely not tomorrow.
Tell us about your circle of friends , are they involved with Ghetto Corp in someway?
I have a couple of friends that I'm close with, and a very cute girlfriend I have been dating for a year and a half now. When I first brief people about this project, mostly to close friends, some of them were greedy, and one of them went on saying things like "Oh no, I don't want to have my name involved in this. I know how you move on quickly with your projects and ideas...".

A few others - including my girl - said they'd help me the way they could. So I started the thing, getting some help from them when I needed, and created the whole "team" concept with my sister Sam, my cousins Jihane & Marjane, and my friend Waldir. As things went on and started to be successful, I eventually added the reluctant, now regretting one, Isaac, and a young graphic designer I met, Ben ,a.k.a. Shaan. To tell the truth, those who should be very active (I'm talking about my sis actually) are just very lazy... :P

Can yu brief us a bit about 'child of atom' and 'nokia'?
Child of the atom was an artistic performance, and a try as a "personnal homepage". "Nokia" isn't a reference to the cell phone... lol. It's one of my girlfriend's nickname, and this site was a dedication to her. She's unaware of its existence, I think...
Yu often used female as the subject in your illustrations, why?
They are beautiful, aren't they? I've always been raise and inspired by women. I also think that at my age there are more trust worthy women than men in friendship. Well... everything is relative...

How is it like living in France, from your point of view?
It's great really. I'm full aware of our inheritants and our history, and I think we should be proud of that. Most youngsters here spit on their country because they are going through teen age, that's all. I like my country, even with its imperfection -- every country has some. It's also a great place for art! I'm also very proud of my people, regarding their reaction towards the recent political events (demos against Le Pen and right-wing extremists during the presidential elections).

How is the current situation in France now after the current election?
The lasts election have yet to come; they are the legislatives (those who will creates laws, etc...). The right wing has the executive power (presidency), and the left wing was severly and surpringly defeated. Re-elected, the current president hasa rather bad reputation. He was involved in some affairs that popped up during his latest presidency and he is known as a lyer who wanted to stay president just to avoid prison. The people have regained interest in politics and the left wing parties are creating a colalition to win the legislatives. The president has created a surprisingly fresh government, with a lot of unknown but intelligent people. So there's still hope.
If yu can make the world a better place, what will yu do?
Make people learn about tolerance and love to humankind and environment...
Please complete these words. Design is...
... the cherry on top of the cake of Usability, and has since the 20th century, as the years passes, the cherry is becoming more important than the cake.
What is your favourite font? Why?
My fav font is probably Cooper Blk BT (the font used for the QBN logo in Newstoday.com). It's smooth and a bit retro. It has a funky feeling too, but isn't too excentric either. I think we are in the time for simple fonts right now, thanks to the Designers Republic. The use of "grunge" font isn't as cool as it used to be, and most excentric or original fonts, like all those related to space movies for instance, are obsolete and considered "uncool". I talk about it because some friends of mine overuses them. I must admit, I like serif fonts too...
Any last word for the people out there?
Never stop. You got an idea? If you believe in yourself and help yourself too it might become something big...


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