How to Generate Architectural Concepts & Design Ideas

You can read an article about the breakdown of this tip here.

*Originally the slides was called 'Let's stop using the word Concept', however for this slides - I'm reserving my opinions towards 'the concept approach' for a broader general view towards the design approach.

** The first version of the slides was presented in Studio 2, Uitm, Shah Alam, 2008.   
Be sure to check out this page for more design tips 


  1. Maaf sebab aku bebal. Macam mana nak embed/buat slide mcm ni? Cun la...Tq!

  2. Salams Proletariat Obscura,

    on the slideshare frame > Click 'share' > a code of embed will appear.

    thanks :)


  3. Another tip is to use a Franchise System. As the only Franchise opportunity for Registered Architects in the country, Transforming Architecture is changing the industry. Starting a firm with a franchise system offers reduced set-up expenses, use of established business names, proven business methods, lower risk of failure, superior market power and ongoing training and advice. Rather than taking precious time learning how to run a business, architects are able to concentrate on what they love - Design.

    1. Great idea.
      That could be elaborated into an article by itself.

      The other half of the practicing equation is management and paperworks. You are expected to learn this during your internship and working under someone. However it is not a fool-proof that you could immersed fully back into design even if you running the practice on your own. There's a need for an assisting system to compliment and balance the practice as what you have elaborated.

      However the downside of franchised practice are, you are expected to pay a hefty amount of the franchise fee, franchise have their own restricted inflexible format, style and approach. Looking at branches of firms setup by well known local and foreign firms.

      For example, several buildings designed by Norman Foster Associate around Kuala Lumpur looks like any other Norman Foster's work around the world even if its a joint venture with a local established firm.



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