Landscaping the/by Diversity

*Concurrent ongoing stage

This could be considered as a very personal/ community small project of reorganizing a diverse collections of my mother in-laws herbs plants, vegetables and fruits through landscaping. It's also diverse due to its organic participation from other family members and the availability of random materials that we could use to complete the entire project.   

 *Before (after all the pots are removed from within  the area)

Plants are randomly planted in pots and any available spaces in between it - all crammed up within this small elongated area. This causing inaccessibility to all these plants as it grew, overlapping, densed and slowly becoming an eyesore.

The idea is to free up the main space with a paved walkway made with loose bricks to allow easy access to the entire area, enhancing the current huge plants, allowing more free space in between the serambi to the garage, resolving the current clog drain and creating several planterbox in several areas along this walkway. 

The loose brick are placed on the soil without any permanent bonding materials to allow any future planting in spots within this walkway (if there's a need to do so).   

* Concurrent ongoing stage (View from the 'serambi').

We've just kickstarted this project and I hope to update more of its organic/ diversified development in future posting.


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