I Am Wall

When pictures speaks a thousand words, walls was denied the same rights

I remains intact within these forms, 

Within these walls, I operates formulated programs,
My modus operandi, variates. 
I must communicates without speaking, 
I must operates by a slightest guide,
I must be practically versatile and yet unique,
I must conceal but remained open,

 Unspoken words expressively in forms

My transparency is out of the question for I must uphold privacy,

What if it was selective? would I be allowed to speak?  

Perhaps with a directive visuals but (not) words of these selective programs,

Just like those pictures. 
  As a structure and space it must however not to be in 'applied words' 

For may I shall be freed, 

Upon possibilities.

*revisiting info+bldg (2011)

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