Revisiting Pasir Puteh #2

Pasir Puteh is a small town located on the lowest region of the Kelantan state. Two reason why it is significant to me, it is the town where my father was born and grew up. And today (January, last year) is where I revisits that town that I do not know much about. My family nomadically lived in most of several states, Kelantan is where we come back only during festive season and special occasions.

As I passed through the streets of Pasir Puteh, trying to re-imagine how my father used to walk on the same street as I am, I wonder how it was like during his heydays. Life must be really simple back then, they make used on whatever they have and make the best out of it. My father always says to me, it is not the same town as he remember it. He declined to elaborate regarding it whenever I asked about his statement.

It was hot walking through this streets, I'm looking for anywhere that I could get away from the heat, get a drink and perhaps doing some sketching. Most of the shops are closed, activities only occurs on the surrounding area of the taxi stands, bus station and the market. Its becoming a transit town, just for passing through if yu are heading to the capital of Kelantan, Kota Bahru.

I decided to head to, I think the one and only fastfood restaurant in that town. Its not that I like the food, its because it is air-conditioned. I sat down, get a drink, began sketching and occasionally imagining about my father and his town. In front of the shop is the main street for traffics from the other state, heading into the town.

It could be celebrated with a gateway not just into the town but the state of Kelantan. It could be. But it could not used the same activites and development like any other town. It have to suit the current condition of the town where mostly occupied by retires, goverment workers and farmers. The whole town could be the gateway, a town where yu go to retired, slow down the life phase and relax.

As I was wondering of what design could do to revitalized back this town, I've overheard a conversation from a table across the aisle behind me. It was a conversation that I'm familiar with, like a conversation that I used to have when I'm with my grandmother or a very old school uncle.

A young girl is enjoying her fried chicken while being observed by her grandfather . In a local dialect of Kelantanese he says ,

It means something like this, "like A Caucasian having his meal huh?". It just makes me smiles hearing of its familiarity.



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