So, Yu want to be An Architect? (Part2)

Right, Moving on from the first posting based on the video series by Doug Patt the architect. Now that we briefly know regarding the polished , the glitter and the glam of the profession surface, let's dive in a little deeper towards the nuts and bolt of the profession.

Theories, idea and references (from histories) is the backbone of design.

Design don't just happen, form didn't just existed by itself. The foundation of design is based upon theories, ideas and references and the main goal of design is problem solving. When an architect explains (presenting) a design, these are the points and aspects that will be mentioned throughout the entire presentation. Its like a step by step story telling in how the idea, design solutions and reasoning are formulated within the design. In a way, designs are interactive, in fulfilling the building code, restrictions, needs and requirements such as spaces, rooms, etc.

Understanding the nuts and bolts, literally.

As stated from Doug's video, these are the 'invincible rules and guides' in designing and creating a design. It is in a way a guide to how we can perceived and judge whatever we see out there in the everyday world. The more we see, understanding, comparing, reading and experience design, our perception towards what is 'beauty' in a design will also change subconsciously.

The hidden 'language' in design.

And lastly, what does is take to be an architect?

All that been mentioned by Doug is so true; A full spectrum of the profession. If yu notice, he mentioned several keywords repetitively, it is a very challenging and demanding profession. Its also where most apprentice (including me) are still learning to master in navigating our way in this field. I conclude this posting with another profound video by Doug.

Its all about success through persistence, from failing, getting up and keep on trying again and again.


*To check out more about the life of an architect, do go to 'how to architect' website.

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