))) I Like Tronik (((

I feel that the 'hidden' (as mentioned by my colleague) regarding the local electronic music scene is progressively keeps on getting better and better (despite of its slow, silent and hidden) from within the fabrics of the hectic congested city living in Kuala Lumpur.

The 'I Like Tronik' is an event held in a 'design environment' v.i.a itudio studio are a living proof of such awesome line-ups existed from various acts of sounds, one acts after another. My personal favorites are the dark 'breakbeats' of Edtech and the sinister 'downtempo' sounds of Rainf. I've missed the first act by SaikoG, which i considered as one of the seniors in the scene.

May it be for more of 'bunyian elektrik' to come. We shall be looking forward for this one as well. The future is today.

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