What is School for?

A promo poster inspired by a book from Seth Godin

Seth Godin, an author of countless books on marketing and social media have wrote and released a new book "Stop stealing dreams (what is school for?)", available now on audiobook and e-books for Free!. 

• All about Seth
I've been a fan of his works, Seth wrote countless books on the potential, the effect and how much web 2.0 and the social media have changed the old ways of advertising, marketing, business & content creations. What keeps me tuning in to Seth works is how he continuously oversees the potentials, possibilities and making sense in navigating the 'uncharted territories' of the web that could somehow be beneficial to entrepreneurs, evangelist, venture capitalist, bloggers, designers, etc. as products or content creators.
• Addressing the Lizard
The original e-book cover
In this multi-formated e-book, Seth take off from his previous book - Linchpin and began investigating a deeper influential source of the 'lizard brain' (fear as a method of survival), whether it is interrelated with the current teaching method, the school or the education systems that according to his studies, are creating and cultivating 'more average students in mass numbers' to suit the end-tails factories for cheaper workforce and why it is becoming a 'race to the bottom' instead of becoming a catalyst in creating new markets.

• The Long Tail
It is a 3 hour 48 minutes audiobook that covers extensively the problems, comparative case studies and possible ideas and solutions. I personally felt that it's not doing justice for all Seth hard work by giving it for free.

• Gratitude
As a way of saying thank you to the Author, I'm doing the best way I could by continuing to spread the word of this book (visually).

You can also tune in to Seth blog (updated daily).   


  1. hey - this poster is sooo cool! I LOVE it!
    thankyou for crafting it. Do you have a gallery on pinterest? if not, may I add it to mine?


    1. Hi Pure,
      Thanks :)

      Yes, by all means, I'll be delighted for you to post it and spread it. Do mention about the link to seth godin squidoo page and spread his message and ideas.

      Thanks! :)



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