))) Across The Borders (((

The research of mencari ))Bunyian(( elektrik continues featuring tracks from :

1. Cyndi Seui (Thailand)
2. Muon (Singapore)
3. Analog Girl (Singapore)
4. Mushroom Button (Malaysia)
5. Adam Kasturi (Malaysia)

Micro Bitz Life
'Sogo' by Cyndi seui

Cyndi Seui is Cesar B. de Guzman. I've discovered Cyndi Seui from their first live performance in Kuala Lumpur back in 2006, it was quit surprising to discover such uplifting beats and sounds. I wonder, are there more electronic artist from Thailand? hmm.. if only the language is not a barrier.

Discover more of Cyndi Seui via soundcloud 

Muon - The New Mutants
'Against the grain' by Muon

Based on their twitter profile - MUON is a music collective delving through electronic experimentation and beat-science, fusing together bricolages from diverse genres.

A cold and bleak trip into a landscape where the marriage between dehumanized emotion and callous machines is perfectly complete.

Take the atmospheric journey of Muon work via reverbnation

The TV is on

'Disco | Graphic' by Analog Girl

Constantly performing internationally, she was described as a young Yoko Ono-meets-Bjork. A heady mix of dreamy, edgy and futuristic electro-rock.

Discover more of Analog Girl via reverbnation

Single Released
'Radiophonic Garage' by Mushroom Buttons
According to Jason Chee of Mushroom Button, 'Radiophonic garage' track is a tribute to the sound of 60's electronics mixed with bass music.

Inspired by the likes of Broadcast, Burial, Shlohmo and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Check out more of his work via soundcloud 

Single Released
'Kerak' by Adam Kasturi.

Adam Kasturi is a Malaysian electronic music producer and based in KL, Malaysia. According to him, he's been involved indirectly in the 'scene' for quite a while now. His other project include an electronic duo (with Filipino producer Nights of Rizal/Migi de Belen) called KERETA. Adam is planning to release a new ep called 'Jaguar' soon and some other 'old' stuffs online via soundcloud & bandcamp.
Tune in to an eclectic works of Adam Kasturi via soundcloud 

more info :-
Podcast are also available via iTunes

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