Design Process (part 2)

A summary upon the research of the architectural design process:

Making mistake is part of a process.
Mistakes is not just part of the design process but also a stepping stone in formulating the solution of a design problem, it is also apart of a design method.

There is no one ultimate approach of design process.
What I've just ventured were merely a tip of the design process 'iceberg'. There is a whole universe of studies and research regarding the design process which not only subjected to the architectural fields but beyond the realm of various the design fields and profession.

There is one commonality.
What I've discovered are one similarity in each various types of design process: The earliest stage of each design process @ briefing stage.
This is where a project and various task is assigned to the designer. Also, during this stage, requirements, obstacles and goals are being specified and analyze. Most designers prefers to know their boundaries in terms of design constraints.

Its how we think.
Design represents a glimpse of a systematic 'humanistic' ways of thinking in terms of perceiving a situation towards the design problems, overcoming the challenge and generating ideas and solutions. Each visualize steps and stages is like a map of the thinking process behind the design consideration, justifications, solutions and thoughts.


I would like to conclude this research with a questions. If a process could help us to have a better understanding towards a solution and steps taken by the designer, could it also be implies into our very own life? An autobiographical documentation is one of an example of a documented process, the growth and development either could be imply to a person, a design or sometimes both. If its possible, could our life also interrelated with the rest of the design process criteria?

For example, in terms of making mistakes?...



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