students installation exhibition via KlPac

What fascinating about this installation are, it is a visual indicator to the wind flows across the area

It took the students almost a week to complete this installation as part of their first 'ice breaking' project assignment. I was fortunate to oversee the whole progress and development for each installations. Kudos on the final results of the overall work. Three groups consisting a collaboration in between the third year and the first year architecture students from Taylor College have came up with a very interesting idea by using simple basic materials that you could get in the hardware store.
An attempt to create 'wind charm' like installations.

Each installations are using the approach in applying basic material elements in creating textures, forms and shapes. Each installation seems attempted in harnessing the wind in generating movement (group 1) and sounds (group 2). However I'm not quit sure on group 3, overall it is a beautiful work but if its combined with lighting elements the result might be more mesmerizing in that hall space.

Interesting idea, but not enough impact to the current space.


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