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Urbanized Film

Two years back, I've predicted a follow up to a documentary film by Gary Hustwit called 'Objectified'. Presumably that there will be a third documentary film completing the trilogy of an in-depth study in Modern design, beginning from text, to industrial objects and indefinitely towards a larger scale of modernist objects i.e build forms @ architecture.

I'm glad to hear the latest updates from the documentary filmmaker are concurrently working on an upcoming documentary titled 'Urbanized',  to be released sometime by next year. 

Hustwit brought us a documentary on subjects of modernism, beginning with the story of a font - 'Helvetica' and the story behind modern product design through 'Objectified'.

In 'Urbanized', the film will not just be examining build form but also indepth studies behind city planning, cityscapes and urbanized spaces. Quit a complex subject, due to its massive scale involving a large numbers of decision makers, city departments, planners and architects. And Hustwit plans to investigate not one, but several other major cities throughout the world.

My anticipation towards the film that it will be an in-depth studies not just towards the future of our cities but also covers the chronological history and the decision process behind each urbanism, a unique perspective towards our build forms and build environment by a non-architect.

Keeping my finger cross.
Looking forward for the film.

Watch Helvetica Film online via PBS.org.

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