Youth 10, PWTC


The tag.

It is Asasku second consecutive year in participating this event. This year, we're joining the event with the supports of the KREAM store.

More Expressions, Various Format!

Snip! Snip!

With my wife, we've explored the ongoing - ever evolving formats of the 'caricature'. Taking from where we left off, we've expanded the caricature into various scale's, materials and expressions. 

'The class of 2010', exhibited during the expo

+ Free Bookmarks!

Also distributed during the exhibitions are free bookmarks, made for Yu.

To be assisting yu in your readings *(wherever and whenever)


At the end of day one of the exhibition, I've noticed something unexpected that occurs during the entire exhibition. Over several people who took away the free bookmark, a few of them began to wave the bookmark closer to their nose, it puzzled me at first. 

"How could a bookmark being perceived as 'a tester card'  that we often sees in any perfume retail store?"

Perhaps the similarity in between the bookmark and the tester card in terms of scales and color. I've never expected for such similarity in terms of the subconscious response from the visitors.

Not wanting to disappoints anyone who might be doing the similar act, I've added perfume to the bookmarks. Now, its a DWI-functional free giveaway.

Overall, it was an insightful exhibition. We're just warming up, stay tune for the next Asasku Exhibition.
Big shout out to the KREAM, Defy, Zul, Bima, Vandalism, Everyone is Awesome, Klobot for all their inputs and assistance during the entire exhibition. And I hope to see Yu again in the next exhibition.

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