An Archiweek Exhibition via Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia building, Jalan Tangsi, Kuala Lumpur

Every semester, there will be a time where architecture students will take a week off from their hectic study schedules to organize an event (supported by the faculty), called the architectural weeks or known as 'archiweek'. For the entire week, several events will took place ranging from exhibition, competition, kite festival, seminars and forums.

The idea was to engaged, transverse and transcend architecture with the public (which in my personal opinion, not successfully fulfilled) but that is another story.

I've attended the Archiweek Forum a.k.a. 'Archiforum', where paneled by several prominent lectures in the faculty discussing the topic of the day called;

I've tried to jot down as much as I can of what was discussed. But due to the speed of the discussion, all the itinerary seems to be in short quibbles blurb of keywords.

Never fear! for I will formed them into a sensible sentences in highlighting the spoken statements.
An excerpts of words of Dr. Tajuddin Rasdi

Dr. Taj opened the forum by speaking about the roles and attitude of an academician in the importance of engaging and creating the culture of documentation, prominent through times in preserving one's understandings, experience and knowledge.

For example, what is the outcome of the arguments regarding aesthetic in design and how it should be in our local context. Without documentations, there is absolutely no possible way in tracing the outcome and we shall remain, withheld without any tools in overcoming any mistakes or preconceive notions.
An excerpts of words from Prof. Madya Saari Omar

Second panels, speaks about what architectural firms could play a role beyond their limitations in juggling time and economic priority. He later expanded the talk towards the solution to the 'crisis' by elaborating on the possible but questionable roles of practicing architects in the architecture education.

It is up to the consumer to articulate their response towards architecture.

An excerpts of words from Dr. Hamdan Ahmad

The third panel speaks about what have architecture schools contributes as an agent of improvement. He also speaks of possibilities of what if a school of architecture, unbounded by the past of right and wrong in formulating an architecture design.

Could the school then set their own preferred sets of standards?

An excerpts of words from Prof. Madya Zainul Hakim

The last panel of the forum speaks about his view of the crisis from a different perspective. The importance of architects in sharing their life experience and becoming less alienated in the eyes of project members; the Quantity Surveyors, Planners, Engineers and even for Landscape Architects.

The notion was, it seems that the architects knows everything and secondly, why can't all of us share a piece of the projects? It is important that it is resolved to allow us to answer a bigger challenge to the crisis beyond the walls of this school, 'are we merely producing buildings or are we creating environmental design?'.

Later, the forum was adjourned with more questions of the crisis and discussions of possible solutions, over tea and curry puff.

By the way, have I mentioned to yu that this forum took place back in 1998?.

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