let's make it harder

Years back, I've occasionally commuting from the cramp and crappy Puduraya, traveling by bus downsouth to UTM, Johor for my master studies and lecturing partime in several design studio for several semesters. With each trip I've made, I always stop by to 'utilized' the public toilets in any Putra station along my route. Somehow for this particular trip, I've feel compelled to document at least once, this particular experience as a user in encountering the public toilet from a design perspective.

For example, in this picture, the message that I feel accidentally or purposely created here are: "Hahahaha! This is me being cynical right back at you, you ungrateful user! Especially to those who keep on vandalizing the wall with your subliminal sexual desires!".

What a public toilet would be without rules. In this picture yu can see how the 'diagram-man' is being tormented into a very uncomfortable position. Pictures on the left and the middle indicates a contraption above the WC that would give yu a bump in the head and the back especially if your size is bigger than the average asian.

On my way out, someone wrote this on the cubicle door. I'm sure it was written relating to his life condition but I couldn't help from wondering, what if the toilet have somehow have an effect to his day?.

At least some toilets thanking you for using them, but still within the same thank you signage, there's a stern message of, 'Clean as you go'= "(We love to have yu around, Thank you but no thank you, now clean it up!)".



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