The World is Flat 3.0

The World is Flat lecture video by Thomas Friedman in MIT campus 2007.

source: academicearth.org

At first, I've began reading Friedman work not because of the issue relating to the flattening tools of the world wide web, but more at a personal level. Few years back, my girlfriend went to Beirut for a week to work. She says she'll be located far away from any 'middle east' conflicts that we always overheard on the news.

That all changed of course right after watching the news regarding a car bomb exploded a few blocks nearby her hotel.

"What on earth is happening?"

I'm puzzled and worried, its only a week before her trip that I roughly knew Beirut of its beautiful coastal seaside from Google Earth while looking for my girlfriend hotel location. I headed to the store and grab a copy of Friedman's, 'From Beirut to Jerusalem'. How much I wish she is back safely to Malaysia in an instant after reading it.

Friedman is a journalist who rigorously studied, researched and understood the region, the people and its dynamic complexity relationships. Therefore, I do wished that he expressed a deeper empathy in responding towards the Palestinian people when Gaza was attacked early this year.
My personal opinion are, I believe that he have his own valid reasons. Perhaps he is attentive to the global climate crisis and the global recession issues. *I'm just assuming.

Anyway, The World Is Flat have enlightened my thesis writings, a living prove that it is actual. Validating of what was before a mere theory, which bluntly rejected by the technological skeptics throughout my research. And information technology do have a role in spreading the core of 'values' (whatever it might be).

Alvin Toffler (2006) wrote that, Knowledge is hard to bottle up, it spreads. With the help of the flattening tool (the web) distribution of ideas, knowledge and information get faster, wider, hierarchy and border less, therefore flattening walls, boundaries and borders.



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