New year have surpassed its countdown.
It seems there is no indication of me getting my system back to normal in a zippy. I have been struggling to keep my working files from overwhelming the available spaces but like all good things that must come to an end the laptop HD finally crashed a few weeks before the new year. On the day I walk to the data recovery centre, the friendly efficient technicians informed of the similar HD model that he'd received today from another customer.

Coincidence?, or perhaps a sign of massive expiry for all the similar models HD? Based on our chit-chat while I glimpse across his office where stacks of HD in various type that piles in a corner, one could say if its a HD managed to surpassed over three years of continuous daily beatings of heavy usage especially by users in the graphical visual industries the hardisk have performed what it was made for. In a way I agreed, the system and the HD never failed and always there to serve me. A sign of knowing that its about to come to an end are, the HD takes longer time to save even a simple text files.

Its is also a sign that nothing last forever, especially in the digital world, where anything can be reset by a simple click of a button or simply by accidentally knocking your digital medium down to the floor *(don't give it a try just to find out whether it still works if yu are not sure). A Buddhist friends says to me that despite of our fragile existence, its a process towards a reincarnation, a rebirth, a new beginning.
The end of the HD also signifies changes from a cramp HD to a larger space its a good thing but it is also a caution to not place your TRUST fully on technology and always have a back up, guess in a away we could relate this with our very own life.

And that's how I look for in the year 2009, with this experience and a more positive and fresh outlook towards upcoming challenges and opportunities despite of the gloomy outlook on worlds economy, global warming, ongoing tragedies of war and death.

Design and posting of new works and outstanding writings of various trips and events will be resuming shortly.

To anyone outhere, have a great challenging new year!

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