on the current economy
Years back I always wonder what if, what if just one fine day, people just stop going out from doing their daily activity and just decided to stay home. Most of all no cash transaction occurs during that day. As I discovered, there are such movement outhere.

But, the question are... What will happen next to the rest of the world?.
Guess we don't need to imagine it now. As the world economy began tumbling like domino, it does feels like everything is resetting. But is it really the dawn of global economic recession like how its being portrayed over and over again on the news?.

I have no ultimate answer for it at the moment. And before yu began to say that I've been endorsing Thomas Friedman, I'm not. It just that he is my only major source at the moment who able to sense out and cover all aspect of global politics, economy, social and energy simultaneously.

OK, now I'm going to mention what Friedman says about the economic recession. One of the solution he said, is by going out and shop!. Lots of products and service outhere, but no one is buying. Buying stops, company not making profits which effecting the workers who might be retrenched. Workers then can't pay debt, which drained the Bank profits and stopping them on lending, then new business can't be created, no sale's on cars and house and on and on like a domino. Sounds like something that I've heard from Project Mayhem in 'Fight Club'.


on design
Now that I got my ramblings out of the way, let's move on to our main discussion today: design. What happen when yu push a reset button on your believe, theory, approach and understanding towards design? One thing for sure the world wouldn't end if yu did push the button and instead it shall open up and generate positive outcome.

"Burn your idols once in a while, and start all over again. Art is not a process of feeling little wings grow in your back and grow and grow until they become angel wings and carry you smiling to a heaven fragrant with sweet violin sounds and harps: When your wings start to lift you above ground, some good devil will know enough to clip them short and you will fall and get hurt.

Only through this succession of flights and falls will you experience art and grow in stature as an artist"
(Paul Jacques Grillo).

... If I'm willing to let go now, then what?

Here, I wish to quote Mr. Bruce Mau's profounding tips in his 'Incomplete Manifesto of Growth':

" Allow event to change you" , "Forget about good" and of course... "Process is more important than outcome"..

Once we are willing to go through these process and letting 'it' go, we are on the right path to learn with an open mind. I've gone through these phases and realized that, I'm actually still at the same spot but with a new perspectives and a fresh state of mind towards design and life.

I wish to end this for now with the words from Oswald Mathies Ungers taken from the book, Le Style, C'est l'Home, "It's one of those things a person have to do,sometimes a persons has to go a very long distance out of his way to come back a short distance correctly"..

So, go ahead..push that button to embarked on the journey to your design reincarnation.

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