Reading Hot, Flat and Crowded by Thomas Friedman

Reading this book makes Al-Gore's documentary, 'the inconvenient truth' like a teaser trailer of this crisis, Gore's alarmed the problem of climate change caused by us and Friedman dive in and elaborate the nuts and bolts each of this problems and it's solutions.

Why now its no longer an options for us to not responding in solving the climate change. According to Friedman, "If we don't, mother's nature will".

The main theme are regarding solutions through alternative energies and how it will be able to generate a positive continuos domino effect not just to the economy, the environment, a new level of hiatus in research, innovation and development for a cleaner energy productions and consumptions and other factors such as globalization, petro-dictatorships, the disconnected and the war (which we can relate back in his previous books).

I admit, I'm facing difficulties digesting and trying to understand several parts of the early chapters. But hey, Friedman's clarify that (in one of the book chapters) "If it isn't boring, it isn't green!". It takes awhile to fully grasp his idea and intentions. Half of this book is Friedman's explanations regarding the problems of what he meant about our world that is getting hot, flat and crowded. He took the time to explain and breaking down what is causing the problem's and it's impact beyond any Friedman's works that what we have read before.

After reading through to all this chapters I began to see why its so imperative for everyone to take notice at what is going on with our climate, our world and how it will effect not our future generation but all of us in this generation.

The ending of this book seems unfinished, it felt like its just an introduction .. the ending is depending on all of us in which step we take. I have a feeling that this book will be re-released in several updated version, followed through by the current developments of all interrelated aspects: politics, policies, economy, design and technology innovations and society.

Mother nature is still waiting for our response. And she's getting impatience.

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